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  Re: IRTC viewing  
From: milco2006
Date: 1 Feb 2007 13:35:00
> As you may have read in these groups, the admin in charge is not responding
> to email. While I have no idea where email submissions go, if they go into
> his mailbox, you can imagine why your submission does not appear. If or when
> there will be voting possible (note: I am not saying there will be voting
> possible, nor that there won't be), you can be sure attempts will be made to
> retrieve the email submissions. For now, they won't be there. Sorry!
>  Thorsten, POV-Team

Thanks for replying, you have a point there and I should really have thought
of that myself. I was mainly worried that I had done something silly while
submitting so glad that is not the case.


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