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From: St 
Date: 29 Jan 2007 19:55:00
"Isaac K" <nomail@nomail> wrote:

> For the meantime, let's hope that Jesse Becker is doing well, and hopefully
> we'll hear from him soon.

   Yes, it IS a little worrying...

> In light of the problems which the IRTC has been experiencing of late, it's
> been impressive to see how quickly the Povray Community has stepped up to
> keep things moving along: the stills participants have already set up a
> temporary competition for Jan-Feb, and the animation participants have
> already set up a viewing page for their most recent competition.
> Perhaps the participants of the Nov-Dec stills competition should follow the
> animators' example and set up a viewing page for the "Complexity"
> competition?

  You know, I am just itching to see those images. Just think, the topic is
'Complexity'. I REALLY wanted to enter that one but couldn't, work-wise.
Anyway, those images, .zip and .txt files are just sitting there. Right
Here, Right Now as they say. Doing nothing but waiting in the queue known
as CyberSpace.


> -Isaac K

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