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  Re: Where to post your final TINA CHeP images.  
From: Bruno Cabasson
Date: 29 Jan 2007 01:10:00
"St." <dot### [at] dotcom> wrote:

>     Yes, I 'do' know what you're saying about the irtc.stills forum. But do
> you not think that it would be 'messy' trailing up and down the threads to
> comment on them? Especially in the webview of the pov groups?
>       ~Steve~

OK, steve, got it, no prob!!

I would have liked to avoid you some extra work if you intend to enter the
pseudo-round. I thought that for our 'simple' purpose, a specific
irtc.stills thread would have been enough and not too much 'messy' as you
said. But thank you again to make it in your space and more convienient for

Well its 2 in the morn', and I ('ll try to) work tomorrow.


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