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  Re: Some news from the Admins concerning the IRTC  
From: Isaac K
Date: 26 Jan 2007 05:45:00
Thorsten Froehlich <tho### [at] trfde> wrote:
> You are confusing positions and responsibilities here: There are no "Povray
> admins". There is one admin for the POV-Team, which is Chris Cason. He
> operates the povray.org server. This server does also happen to host the
> irtc.org site, but as you may know, hosting a site does not mean any
> responsibility for its operation or content beyond supplying a working
> system to run the web server software on. As such, there is no confusion
> whatsoever on who administers the site. There is also *no* technical reason
> on part of the server for IRTC not operating.
> The IRTC admins are completely independent and different group, with none of
> them actually being part of the POV-Team. The IRTC admins administer the
> IRTC content and website independently.
>  Thorsten, POV-Team

Mr. Froehlich,

Let me apologize for any semantic errors I may have made in my previous
language.  As must be obvious to you by now, we find ourselves in the
middle of a great confusion surrounding the relationship between the
Pov-Team and the IRTC, especially to those of us on the outside, so you
must forgive our ignorance.  I meant to cast no blame at the Pov-Team
concerning the current situation with the IRTC; I simply chose my words to
best fit the situation as I understood it.

We appreciate your clarifications, and are pleased to learn that the servers
hosting povray.org and irtc.org are running problem-free.  We all greatly
appreciate the generosity and charity of people like Chris Cason and the
members of the Pov-Team, and, of course, the IRTC administrators
themselves.  If not for all of your hard work none of the enjoyment and
challenge of Povray would be possible.

Please forgive my frustration, as I am simply trying to make heads or tails
out of the current situation, and again I thank you for your words of

-Isaac K

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