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  Some news from the Admins concerning the IRTC  
From: Isaac K
Date: 25 Jan 2007 03:00:01
Greetings once again everyone.

As I promised in my last message, posted on the "New Topic?" thread, I have
returned with word from a Povray administrator concerning the situation
with the IRTC.

The message I received is as follows:

>> I am concerned about the situation too, and have raised it with the [IRTC]
>> admins. One of them (who normally does the final round processing) is not
>> responding to email, so I don't really know what is up.

>> Ultimately, if the IRTC isn't going to work properly anymore, probably it
>> might be time for it to have a rest. The code developed for POVCOMP is
>> available to restructure into a new competition, if someone wants to take
>> on the work, but it would be a fair job to make it all work automatically
>> (which IMO is important). I will of course offer support for this and the
>> needed hosting.

>> At the moment all we can do is wait and see what eventuates.

So it looks like there's a certain amount of confusion taking place among
the Povray admins themselves.

Perhaps we should be patient for a while longer and see what happens
concerning the IRTC.  Though, in the meantime, it would probably be prudent
to continue developing plans for a potential successor to the IRTC, if it
should fail altogether.

Also, as I've said before, I vote for "primitives" for the Jan-Feb
pseudo-competition.  But, then, where would we send our submissions to?
Would someone be willing to accept entries (just this one time) and post
them online?


-Isaac K

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