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  Re: "Pseudo IRTC" topic suggestions wanted!  
From: Stephen
Date: 24 Jan 2007 14:00:00
Verm <pov### [at] thirteeendynucom> wrote:
> Hildur K. wrote:
> > The suggestion came up for us impatient IRTC submitters to agree on our own
> > topic with a deadline on the end of February. Just to keep us busy while we
> > wait for an official explanation what´s going on on the IRTC.
> I like this plan - it's not giving up on IRTC nor just waiting.
> > So if you have a suggestion for a simple "pseudo" topic, please post here.
> Sleep.
> Confusion?
> Rebirth?
> Primitive - what can you do with just one type of primitive?

Jim Carter has been working on Primates for quite a while heís got a head
start :-)
I like Thomasís "This is NOT a checkered plane" suggestion.


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