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From: Bruno Cabasson
Date: 24 Jan 2007 12:25:01
I think that whatever we can say from now on concerning the ITRC and its
managers, we won't have neither a quick solution for the competition, nor
an quick answer to our question "what is going on?". It seems obvious to me
that the concerned people are aware of the situation and of our concern. So,
it is useless harrassing them any more and feeding the polemics. They know
we are wondering and that some of us are likely and ready to
help/participate/take the lead if necessary to continue the competition,
whatever the form it will take.

For now, I can propose an idea that came up to my mind. The current periodis
now too much out of date. The next 'offical topic' will come for the next
period (March/April). This may be considered as too long by some of us

So why not quickly set up a pseudo-competition here, discuss a 'simple'
topic, for the rest of the current period, ie Jan/Feb, with end-Feb as dead
line? No real evaluation with anonymous notation and ranking, just an
appreciation by people here. For me this can motivate people and keep us in
the 'competition mood' and keep it warm, until someting official is decided.


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