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  Re: new topic announced!  
From: P Brewer
Date: 25 Jul 2006 16:40:00
> Either.  It's not like irtc rejects images which are not exactly on
> topic, and in some cases they reward them if the reinterpretation is
> original, and interesting.  That's why they have the "Honorable Mention:
> Concept, Originality, Interpretation of Theme" category.
> For instance, if I had entered the last competition, I was considering
> an interior scene, a man opening a gift, to find a lamp shaped like
> a FROG.  The title would be "Marge! I said FOG light."
> My overly pedantic take on this theme is that things don't go from
> the "rubbage bin" (whatever the hell that is) to the Junkyard.
> They go to the dump.  Junkyards are places where items which might
> be resold and reused are taken.  I guess that argues more for your
> second interpretation.  Still, I imagine a lot of people
> will not catch that, and we'll see lots of garbage trucks and maybe
> a few trash barges being entered.
>         tom


I've seen how in the past people allow for some liberal interpretation of
theme, and hope they continue to do so. I plan to enter the current round
and because of the contrast between garbage and junkyard, I took the topic
in more of a "cast-off, unwanted, forgotten, neglected, etc." sense. Of
course, I had commited to my scene idea before the notes on the topic came
out. They seem to indicate traditional garbage, and now I wonder how I fit
with the theme.


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