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  Re: Can we comment on the 'The Black Robe' round?  
From: St 
Date: 6 Jul 2007 18:59:35
"Shay" <shay@s.s> wrote in message news:468d8e8b@news.povray.org...

  Hi Shay  :)

    Ok, this is direct from Colin himself:

   "3. Comment on old competition entries

At the moment, there is no way. It's been put on the
list though.

if you send me the comments (and scores), I will
insert them. However, please note, this may affect the
ratings and the overall winner.

Have a great weekend.

   By him saying, "there is no way", he means that there's no way you can do 
it directly now. But, as he says, it's on the <decreasing - (my insertion)> 
list to do.

   I think I will leave it up to you if you want to score, but yes Shay, if 
yourself, Hildur and anyone else that wants to comment, sends me those 
comments, he can put them there for you. Please use my mr_gold at tiscali 
dot co dot uk address.

  Sorry about this (all), I did expect some bugs, but once this is running 
smoothly, all will be well. Please bear with me. I want this to be the way 
you want it to be.



> -Shay

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