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  Re: The ice is broken...  
From: William Tracy
Date: 28 Jun 2007 01:49:55
St. wrote:
> it's the first upload of what hopefully might be many for 
> this NEW Ray-Tracing Challenge.

I see that there's already two images up.

And, neither one is a POV image ... I'd say that word is finally getting 
out about the RTC. Congratulations. :-)

***Thinks maybe he shouldn't have sat out this round***

William Tracy
You know you've been raytracing too long when you invented glasses that 
can be configured to use variable resolution (eg. 320x240, 640x480, 
etc.), with POV-Ray style switches for other effects (eg. anti-aliasing, 
radiosity, etc.)
Vimal N. Lad / Gautam N. Lad

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