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From: St 
Date: 16 Mar 2007 16:38:48
Well, I'm seeing the website guy on Sunday (this guy works all hours). 
I've decided that I'm going for it, pennies allowing. It will probably be 
called 'TC-RTC' dot blah... I think I'll run two bi-monthly parallel 
competitions. One will be; 'TC' - TINA CHeP. No topic at all for this one, 
just the theme of 'This Is Not A CHeckered Plane). Interpret it as you will. 
Highest rating gets mucho kudosso.

     The next one will be 'RTC' - Ray-Tracing Competition. This will be set 
with a topic chosen by using the system that Greg Johnson came up with 
whereby old book titles are used as the topic, (see other posts). Having two 
types of competition gives you a better choice if the chosen RTC topic 
doesn't suit 'your' style. The RTC will run exactly the same as the IRTC 
stills competition, with the exception of a higher file-size to 350kb's, (TC 
too), and a different topic-picking system. We will still be able to vote 
much like the IRTC, (which still needs honing), but I'm not sure about how 
you would comment on the images yet, but hopefully, this can be implemented 

    Any other idea's, let me know here.

     Anyway, that's it for now.  :)


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