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  Re: Website Update  
From: Jim Charter
Date: 14 Mar 2007 15:07:22
St. wrote:
>   Hi all
>      Well, I had a chat with the website guy today, and he's got this 
> http://colin.bluesky-technologies.com/ set up for me (and you), to ponder 
> over. It's very basic at the moment just to show how all it works. 
> Basically, you would log in, go to the upload page and upload your image, 
> the image is then automatically turned into a thumbnail, and that image 
> would then link to your original, full sized image. There is an automatic 
> rating system which needs fine-honing to work somewhat like the IRTC rating 
> system, but this is accessable on all pages containing an image. If you 
> uploaded the wrong image and wanted to delete it, you can do that through 
> your member area. The only thing that concerns me at the moment is the 
> possibility of an entrant to be able to rate his/her own image. If anyone 
> knows how this can be overcome, I'd appreciate your thoughts.
>     This format also keeps statistics which would be available through me, 
> as admin, where I could easily collect the scores etc. At present, the 
> member area isn't working, (or is, but I don't have the password or UN), but 
> I would imagine that 'your' member area is very much like the admin area 
> here: http://colin.bluesky-technologies.com/admin/ with the exception of 
> stuff like 'view stats' or 'view to do list' (check that page out).
>    un: admin
>    pw: admin
>    (In the very near future, these above links may not work as the website 
> guy, Colin, may change them at his end).
>    (Hint: About the upload page, your text file would be pasted into the 
> field where it says: "A small story goes..." (Thoughts about that page?))
>     Lastly, none of this is written in PoV-Ray Stone22 yet. (Although, I owe 
> the guy a drink!)  ;)
>     I could do this, or, I don't have to. It really depends on YOU if you 
> want this to happen. Again, hands up.
>    And the last 'lastly', as you can see from this site, it's pretty well 
> automated, so I won't be doing much work in that area, but all I wanted to 
> say is, if I (we) don't go for it, then I'm more than happy to keep this 
> going until I run out of space... http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/3dextra/
>     Overall thoughts?
>     ~Steve~
Looks good Steve.

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