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From: St 
Date: 14 Mar 2007 02:19:02
"Trevor G Quayle" <Tin### [at] hotmailcom> wrote in message 
> "St." <dot### [at] dotcom> wrote in message news:45f75f84@news.povray.org...
>> LOL! Thank you for looking Mr. Lobster!  :o)
>>     ~Steve~
> hehe, thanks, that's my little guy for Hallowe'en.  Glad to see something 
> is in the process of getting to be working.

    One can only try...

> As for comments, it looks good so far (outside the colours, but I'm sure 
> that will change) and the operation.

   Thanks, and yes, and yes.

As I mentioned before, have a look at
> how CGSphere works for some ideas.  One thing for voting, I do like the 
> irtc concept of 3 voting categories vs just a single vote ranking.

   Yes, I plan to change this as I like that system too, (and it's in 
keeping with the IRTC). Each image could have three of those rating 
drop-down fields beneath the image; one for Artistic Merit, one for 
Technical Merit, and one for Concept and Originality - and all marks would 
be out of 20, like the IRTC.

 I think it
> gives more room for varying ideas and concepts (which the CGSphere forum 
> lacks IMO)

    I agree. And whilst I do like CGSphere, I also don't like them for not 
having PoV-Ray on their list... <shrugs>


> -tgq

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