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  Website Update  
From: St 
Date: 13 Mar 2007 16:20:09
Hi all

     Well, I had a chat with the website guy today, and he's got this 
http://colin.bluesky-technologies.com/ set up for me (and you), to ponder 
over. It's very basic at the moment just to show how all it works. 
Basically, you would log in, go to the upload page and upload your image, 
the image is then automatically turned into a thumbnail, and that image 
would then link to your original, full sized image. There is an automatic 
rating system which needs fine-honing to work somewhat like the IRTC rating 
system, but this is accessable on all pages containing an image. If you 
uploaded the wrong image and wanted to delete it, you can do that through 
your member area. The only thing that concerns me at the moment is the 
possibility of an entrant to be able to rate his/her own image. If anyone 
knows how this can be overcome, I'd appreciate your thoughts.

    This format also keeps statistics which would be available through me, 
as admin, where I could easily collect the scores etc. At present, the 
member area isn't working, (or is, but I don't have the password or UN), but 
I would imagine that 'your' member area is very much like the admin area 
here: http://colin.bluesky-technologies.com/admin/ with the exception of 
stuff like 'view stats' or 'view to do list' (check that page out).

   un: admin
   pw: admin

   (In the very near future, these above links may not work as the website 
guy, Colin, may change them at his end).

   (Hint: About the upload page, your text file would be pasted into the 
field where it says: "A small story goes..." (Thoughts about that page?))

    Lastly, none of this is written in PoV-Ray Stone22 yet. (Although, I owe 
the guy a drink!)  ;)

    I could do this, or, I don't have to. It really depends on YOU if you 
want this to happen. Again, hands up.

   And the last 'lastly', as you can see from this site, it's pretty well 
automated, so I won't be doing much work in that area, but all I wanted to 
say is, if I (we) don't go for it, then I'm more than happy to keep this 
going until I run out of space... http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/3dextra/

    Overall thoughts?


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