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From: St 
Date: 1 Mar 2007 19:21:47
"Jim Charter" <jrc### [at] msncom> wrote in message 

> I thought the little TINA CheP "contest" worked well.

    I thought so too. I was overly impressed by the differences in which the 
entrants conveyed the topic. Each one of them (including me of course), had 
something going for 'it' as an individual piece. I liked that side of it.
   (Afterthought: Thinking about it, when the IRTC had those many entrants, 
(and there were many topics that did, and more), well, the expectancy of 
seeing those *new* images was always a big thing for me. You knew you were 
going to sit down for two cups of coffee and see something someone took time 
over to do the best they could. It was refreshing and inspirational.)

 I liked the
> little community conversation over what the topic would be, along with the 
> fact that it was kept short, with someone designated to make the choice. 
> Maybe the chooser role could change each time but the chooser can't make a 
> suggestion for the round he/she does.

   That's a good and valid point, much like the IRTC.

I also think that
> "TINA CheP" has become the de facto reference for this and might do well 
> as the Title for this little anti-contest, interrum-IRTC, or what ever it 
> is.

     Yes, I agree, let's just call it TINA CHeP. WE all know how it 
originated, and if anyone doesn't know, I'll write up a nice history page 
some time - I have enough info on this machine to be accurate.

> I think we should get another round underway, tout de suite, as long as 
> you are okay with the hosting job.

    Yes, sure, I'm just glad that I can offer something back in return for 
all the comments, crits, laughs, smilies, <whatever>, that have been 
directed my way over the years. It's all helped me no end in the six or so 
years that I've been around, and I still seem to keep improving here and 
there as a result, and that, makes me happy.

   So, you want a topic all? I propose Mike the Elders' topic for now - 
'Before and After'. I liked this idea when he first mentioned it, and I 
think we can all 'do it'. What say you?


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