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  Re: So, what are we gonna do?  
From: Jim Charter
Date: 1 Mar 2007 17:33:25
St. wrote:
> It looks like that's it folks. I can't ever see the IRTC up-and-running 
> again as we knew it, (I hope I'm wrong). It's a real shame because I thought 
> the way it worked was great, but the way it worked (even though mostly 
> automated) still relied on a human to activate the whole thing, and that 
> human went walkabout, (I hope not literally, and I still hope the guy is 
> ok), so the IRTC fell down.
>   So,what's going to happen? Is there any more news at all, anyone?
>  For now, I'm quite happy to carry on with hosting either another TINA CHeP 
> round or some other topic, and run it over two months like the IRTC, but 
> we'll have to confirm either way soon if this is to happen.
>   Suggestions welcome.
>     ~Steve~
I thought the little TINA CheP "contest" worked well.  I liked the 
little community conversation over what the topic would be, along with 
the fact that it was kept short, with someone designated to make the 
choice.  Maybe the chooser role could change each time but the chooser 
can't make a suggestion for the round he/she does.  I also think that 
"TINA CheP" has become the de facto reference for this and might do well 
as the Title for this little anti-contest, interrum-IRTC, or what ever 
it is.

I think we should get another round underway, tout de suite, as long as 
you are okay with the hosting job.  If not, I would think that the next 
best option would be to use the wiki which should allow, in theory 
anyway, the transfer of much of the workload to the participants 

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