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From: St 
Date: 28 Feb 2007 13:59:20
"Jim Charter" <jrc### [at] msncom> wrote in message 

> Steve, hold the door for mine.  I should have it to you by around 6pm 
> eastern time.  I made a fowlup on my overnight render.  It's not such a 
> long render but the corrected version won't finish for another hour, 
> meanwhile I have to leave to teach in 15 minutes.  Soooo,... hopefully 
> when I return it will be done baking and I can get the e-mail in to you.

        Yep, no probs Jim, you have plenty of time as there are another 10 
hours or so to go, so, I'm not posting the images until tomorrow morning our 
time. This will give anyone else a chance to get theirs in too.

       Looking forward to seeing yours!  :o)


> -Jim

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