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From: Sherry Shaw
Date: 24 Feb 2007 15:29:35
As of January 11, I was anxiously checking this group at least twice a 
day for current info.

On January 12, a serious ice storm hit the Missouri Ozarks.  That 
evening, it sounded like an artillery barrage outside my little house in 
the woods, with tree limbs and then whole trees cracking, shattering, 
crashing to the ground.  In the wee hours of the 13th, my electricity 
went out.  That afternoon, my dogs and I hiked up the great big icy hill 
and across the neighbor's icy pasture to my car (which, thank goodness, 
I'd parked at the top of the hill, thinking that the road might get 
slick--didn't think it might be completely buried in trees) and 
evacuated ourselves to my sister's house in town.

As of last week, I finally had electricity.  Early this week, the noisy, 
staticky phone line was finally repaired and I got my Internet 
connection back.  After a long week of repairing things, dragging tree 
limbs off things, and so forth, I said to myself, "Self, let's take a 
break and go see if there's anything interesting happening on the IRTC 

Oh.  My.  God.

Missing admin!  Army of volunteers arising to save the IRTC!  Ideas 
flying like cows in a tornado!

Tina Chep!  What a marvelous idea!  I want to play!  And it's the 24th!  
(Insert groans and heavy sighs here.)  Dammit!  Dammit!  Dammit!

<Mom voice>  I turn my back for *five minutes* and look what happens!  
</Mom voice>

--Sherry Shaw

#macro T(E,N)sphere{x,.4rotate z*E*60translate y*N pigment{wrinkles scale
.3}finish{ambient 1}}#end#local I=0;#while(I<5)T(I,1)T(1-I,-1)#local I=I+
1;#end camera{location-5*z}plane{z,37 pigment{granite color_map{[.7rgb 0]
[1rgb 1]}}finish{ambient 2}}//                                   TenMoons

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