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  Re: Some news from the Admins concerning the IRTC  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 25 Jan 2007 10:52:37
Thomas de Groot schrieb:
> "Thorsten Froehlich" <tho### [at] trfde> schreef in bericht 
> news:45b8736a$1@news.povray.org...
>> The IRTC admins are completely independent and different group, with none 
>> of
>> them actually being part of the POV-Team. The IRTC admins administer the
>> IRTC content and website independently.
> Thanks, Thorsten!
> I think that there was confusion with many of us about this (at least, I 
> was). I always thought there was a close connection.
> This makes me worry a bit more, though.... :-(

Well, not necessarily.
This means it boils down to:
1) find out what happened to the IRTC admin, i.e. how to contact him? 
Maybe by snail mail or phone, if he's in the outback without web access? 
Honestly, if i'd be moving into a new home and my whole internet were a 
GSM mobile phone hooked up to a laptop, i'd rather not move MPEG 
megabytes over that line ;)

2) find out wether it's possible / how to help out - it's always a good 
idea to have several admins, i see that all the time over at the WWP. 
Between the three/four admins, we sometimes had two admins away on 
holiday and several hundred participants, but since the actual work has 
been reduced to holding newbies's hands for the first steps with the 
automated interface and check the uploaded files for transfer 
corruption, the worst we had was lagging a day or two. Of course, we 
don't do the the voting thing, it's more of an exhibition type website.

3) only if 2) fails due to either unwillingness (which i don't assume, 
usually it's just overworked-ness), or there has actually been a 
disruptive occurance to the admin's abilities to administrate, there's 
need to escalate - assuming that "us participants" want to keep doing a 
bi-monthly/quarterly upload-and-vote things ;).
This means: find new admin(s). Find webspace for "IRTC 2.0". Server 
name? Need participants registration option. Something with a database, 
and maybe a web frontend to upload. Automated stuff and all that...

I'm really hoping that it's just a communications problem, and we can 
get away with 2)...

Judging from the responses here, i don't think we need to worry about 
people's willingness to contribute!


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