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  Re: New topic?  
From: Jim Charter
Date: 24 Jan 2007 11:04:14
Thomas de Groot wrote:

> - post a call for answers in povray.general, povray.international, and on 
> the news.lightning-generator.org/povray.general (the french-speaking pov-ray 
> forum)
> - ask people to give comments, voice concern, give suggestions
> - ask them to give their relation to IRTC (winners, submitters, browsers), 
> although this would not be of prime importance in my view.
> - after a suitable period of time, somebody could bundle all this in one 
> message and send it petition-like to Chris Cason, with a copy to the IRTC 
> admin.
> To tell the truth, Hildur, I believe you have voiced very effectively the 
> concerns of a lot of people here. You are quite good at it, I think.
Well, I would feel delinquent if I did not voice my concern here also. 
Posting as a response to you, Thomas, because you have put so much good 
will and good energy into this community of late.

I admit that the IRTC has not been a focus for me personally, for some 
time, but I would certainly would be sad to see it expire.

It has some unique and venerable characteristics.  For one, the voting 
system, with its pragmatic attempt to quantify factors for appreciating 
a raytracing.  Two, it's topic system...it's kinda nerdy, which is just 
how we like it.  There is a real comfort level to it which has lead to 
some wonderful moments, creatively, over it's history. Three, the 
patheon of talent that continues to show up year after year and mix, 
good naturedly with the newcomers.  Four, it's international scope, and 
potential for fometing goodwill.  Afterall, imagemaking is a very 
intellectually and emotionally revealing enterprise.

I would like, possibly, to go back through the archives of entries and 
just revisit some of the riches that are to be found there.

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