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  Re: New topic?  
From: Verm
Date: 24 Jan 2007 09:40:19
Thomas de Groot wrote:
> My own preference would be (but that's just my 2 cents):
> - open a new thread in irtc.stills (or irtc.general? that ng doesn't seem to 
> be so alive...)
> - post a call for answers in povray.general, povray.international, and on 
> the news.lightning-generator.org/povray.general (the french-speaking pov-ray 
> forum)
Also as these newsgroups are not the official site for discussion for 
the IRTC could someone post a couple of messages on the official mailing 
lists? http://www.irtc.org/mlists.html

(I'd post but as I've never submitted an entry....)

Seeing as you've just shown your strawberry on the French fora, I'd say 
you were an ideal candidate for pestering them :-)

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