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  Re: new topic announced!  
From: Thomas A  Fine
Date: 25 Jul 2006 16:09:36
In article <44c2da55@news.povray.org>,
Greg M. Johnson <pte### [at] thecommononethatstartswithYcom> wrote:
>Norbert Kern wrote:
>> New topic is 'From Rubbage Bin to Junkyard'.
>Do you think this should mean:
>i) The process of taking things from where humans discard items out of their
>households to the long term storage (dumps),
>ii) The exploration of any and all themes including anything from where
>humans discard items out of their households to the long term storage

Either.  It's not like irtc rejects images which are not exactly on
topic, and in some cases they reward them if the reinterpretation is
original, and interesting.  That's why they have the "Honorable Mention:
Concept, Originality, Interpretation of Theme" category.

For instance, if I had entered the last competition, I was considering
an interior scene, a man opening a gift, to find a lamp shaped like
a FROG.  The title would be "Marge! I said FOG light."

My overly pedantic take on this theme is that things don't go from
the "rubbage bin" (whatever the hell that is) to the Junkyard.
They go to the dump.  Junkyards are places where items which might
be resold and reused are taken.  I guess that argues more for your
second interpretation.  Still, I imagine a lot of people
will not catch that, and we'll see lots of garbage trucks and maybe
a few trash barges being entered.


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