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From: Sherry Shaw
Date: 7 Jul 2006 16:04:58
Mike Williams wrote:

>Wasn't it Doctor John who wrote:
>>Just being pedantic here ... Is that rubbish or garbage?
>I looked it up in an American dictionary. Apparently it's an alternative
>American way of spelling "rubbish".
Didn't find it in either of my American dictionaries.  Google had no 
definitions.  Spellchecker in Word suggested that perhaps I meant 
ribcage or cubage or cribbage or rub age (?) or rebate or rubbing or 
urbane (though this may be the work of Evil Paperclip Man).  Unless it's 
seriously local (like the Sea Islands or that place where they speak 
Boontling), I don't think it's ours.

--Sherry Shaw

#macro T(E,N)sphere{x,.4rotate z*E*60translate y*N pigment{wrinkles scale
.3}finish{ambient 1}}#end#local I=0;#while(I<5)T(I,1)T(1-I,-1)#local I=I+
1;#end camera{location-5*z}plane{z,37 pigment{granite color_map{[.7rgb 0]
[1rgb 1]}}finish{ambient 2}}//                                   TenMoons

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