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  Re: current tpic  
From: Steve Shelby
Date: 2 Jul 2006 12:13:29
"Hildur K." <hil### [at] 3dcafemailevery1net> wrote in message 
> "Norbert Kern" <nor### [at] t-onlinede> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> do you see your entry in ftp://irtc.org/pub/stills/2006-06-30/ ?
>> If not, you should send it once again by web submissions.
>> Norbert Kern
> Hi everybody,
> I´ve been trying to access the IRTC ftp server to view the latest images,
> but I don´t seem to be able to open neither the image files or the text
> files.
> I get "ftp folder error 550 failed to open directory" in IE and "550 
> failed
> to change directory" in Mozilla Firefox.   The same goes for the older
> rounds, can´t view them either.
> In IE I only get the welcome message and no visible directories but in MF 
> I
> can open the folders but there seemes to be no way to view the content
> although I can see my entry is in fact listed there. (I did use web
> submission and immediately received a confirmation.)
> I now tried to follow the link in the above message directly in IE and it
> makes my browser stop responding.
> Is the server down or have my browser settings gone wrong? Does anybody 
> else
> have the same problem?
> Hildur K
It's doing the same thing for me.
Steve Shelby

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