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  Re: New submissions to old folder?  
From: St 
Date: 1 Mar 2006 23:42:18
"Mike the Elder" <zer### [at] wyanorg> wrote in message 
> When I submitted my (only) "Fire & Ice" entry, I got a "multiple entry"
> warning and later found my "Fire & Ice" entry in the same "accepted" 
> folder
> as the "Speed" entries.  The same thing seems to have happened to several
> other entries.  Is all well in IRTC Land?  Any and all info will be much
> appreciated.  Thanks.
> -Mike

     Yes, I got the same thing when submitting via email. I was warned about 
a double submission, and that the other submission was "cheetah.txt", which 
was my submission for the last topic. Strange, but I'm sure the new guy can 
sort it out...  ;)



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