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From: Hildur K 
Subject: Some comments on the submissions
Date: 17 Jul 2009 10:50:00
Message: <web.4a608e418042caa451cd7c830@news.povray.org>

Matches Box testing by Jamie:

Textures and lighting work perfectly and the focal blur helps to make this look
like a photo. Well done.

Personal Air Vehicle by CrisH:

impression that this is a miniature/toy and not a real vehicle. Perhaps a cloud
background would have given it a more "real" feel. Good modeling and texturing.

earth bulb by Tim Attwood:

into you technique.

A very nice variation on a classic theme. The sand is interesting. Good lighting
and realism.

Web by jrcsurvey:

Your spider web looks nice, but you could have given a better description of
your technique.

Ipod Touch(s) by nmajmani:

Nothing wrong with making your iPod on a checkered plane ;-) but why two? Also
you could have placed them better to make the most out of reflections on the
plane. Still a nice simple setting and good texturing.

The Gallery Submerged by MeCubed:

"waves" on the water are a bit to lively for this situation and the green color
looks artificial. The main problem I see is the theme. Gallery submerged???

Leaf by Caleb Stouter:

Nice simple render. The graininess adds to the photographic feel. Maybe a bit
dark though or too much contrast against the overly bright sky. Nice

Equis by rmcgregor:

Nice work on the horse! Great lighting and overall good solid technique.

IRTC: a re-emerging treasure by Paolo Gibellini:

The technique sounds way too advanced for me to comment on ;-) looks good. Nice
fitting theme.

Submission by docjohn:

Nice work on the spheres. Again a very fitting theme.

Lego DIY by billpragnell:

A very real rendering. I like the Lego theme, fits the resurrection of the IRTC.
Lighting, modeling and focal blur work well.

Tbtfh test by BGimeno:

Nice torus ;-) I like the texturing, this could be the beginning of something

How crop circles are made by FDPettersson

You wrote a very detailed text about the making of your image, which is nice.
But the image is way too dark and I can barely make it out. It would be nicer
with a good image and perhaps less text. Because you description of your crop
circle code sounds interesting but your rendering does not reflect that. Maybe
a spotlight is not enough?

The day I met your Father by Rob Fitzel:

I like the theme and there are many good elements in this image. Good work

radiosity settings make this image look very flat, even though the rich
background gives great opportunity for depth. Another thing, the body language

interested, but they guy looks like he has already had enough of their

the image contradict the title.

Hildur K.

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