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From: stm31415
Subject: Introducing: meetsoup.com
Date: 20 Apr 2007 15:45:01
Message: <web.4629181c943a1537fc02165f0@news.povray.org>
In response to the 'looking to the future thread' (among other things) I
decided to build a website specifically designed to host competitions
easily and frequently. So many people had so many different ideas of neat
contests, that I thought it would be more sensible to put administration in
the hands of the people.

A few months later, here it is: Tada! http://www.meetsoup.com/

You all are the first to hear (aisde from my early beta testers) so poke
around, and start some meets!

I will note here that the voting is a little different than for the IRTC ---
I went for the highest accuracy at the top of the pool (places 1-10) without
particular categories. I feel that it makes more sense to deal with the
creativity, technical ability, and so on through comments, rather than
trying to vote on them numerically. If that just bugs the heck out of you,
tell me --- on the list of things to do is add more voting options, but at
the moment it's low on that list.

Um... yeah. Check it out. Sign up. Make a povray presence. I'm off to tell

Sam Bleckley

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