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From: Thomas de Groot
Subject: TC-RTC: April/May 2015 Challenge 2: Blue
Date: 7 Apr 2015 14:51:29
Message: <5523eef1$1@news.povray.org>
At the TC-RTC (http://www://www.tc-rtc.co.uk/index/index.html the next theme 
for Challenge 2 is *Blue*, starting on April 15th and ending May 31st. 
Uploading closes on the 17th of May,  Voting starting on the 18th of May.

We like blue. Blue skies during summer holidays; blue water for 
swimming. It is a somewhat cold, distant colour which permeates far away 
landscapes at the horizon. The Earth is a blue ball when viewed from 
space. But there are other kinds of blue too. What about blue Mondays? 
Blue stockings? Blue Tories? And the formidable Bluebeard of our youth. 
Out of the blue, we want to be surprised by your blue-prints.

Stephen & Thomas

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