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From: Shay
Subject: Enough time? The right idea?
Date: 5 Jun 2013 13:38:55
Message: <51af77af$1@news.povray.org>
Copied from the tc-rtc board. If you wish to add anything to this, please do 
so there if not in both places. Follow-ups /virtually/ set (with your 
cooperation). The whole point of writing this was to encourage 
participation, so I'm putting it here for a wider audience. It was this or a 
long list of topic-interpretation ideas. I decided the list might discourage 
anyone who's idea I'd inadvertently "leaked" before the deadline.

Post __ Begins __ ... Now

As a challenge, I decided to put together all the advice I’ve given others 
and to hold myself to every bit of it:

1. Keep in mind that this is a challenge, not a competition.
Don’t believe me? Have a look at the website. Entries are ranked, but the 
competitive aspect is an _extra_ bit of fun for those who are interested. 
You won’t have to concern yourself with winning if you take any of my advice 
below: you’ll all but eliminate your chance for a win.

2. Don’t be afraid to use recycled material.
I’ve been one of the worst about starting every image from a blank page and 
I’m a firm believer that a long process facilitates deep exploration of a 
theme, but the least stimulating entry is the one that’s never uploaded, and 
re-tooling can be a “long process” in itself.

3. Limit yourself to what can be competently executed with the skill, time, 
and equipment you have available.
This doesn’t mean your entry has to be easy or simple. Design a scene that 
can be conceptually, if not structurally, advanced away from your computer.

4. Feel free to interpret the topic liberally.
The “topic police” have always and will always be present in the rtc. Thumb 
your nose at them. Cleverness and sanctimony are NOT the entirety of art. 
What’s clever about the Mona Lisa?

5. Objectify your goals in your entry description--maybe.
Your audience can most easily evaluate your results as the fulfillment of 
your intentions. Open communication of those intentions will facilitate 
commenting and dialog. However, if you don’t necessarily want a verbal 
response (for your own sake or the sake of the tc-rtc), then you might be 
better off ignoring this one. Some will insist that the only genuine way to 
exhibit art is to thrust it, sans explanation or apology, into the universe 
and expect some Newtonian response. That’s valid, but has failed thus far to 
stimulate the tc-rtc.

Now, off to discover that perfect losing concept and illustrate it in time 
to write an elaborate description.


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