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From: Stephen
Subject: TC-RTC Iechyd da!
Date: 23 May 2013 07:39:18
Message: <519dffe6$1@news.povray.org>
Pronounced Yaki da! it is Welsh for cheers/good health. And the 
developer of TC-RTC is of that tribe.
I spoke to him on the phone yesterday and he gave an undertaking to 
start working on the TC-RTC site shortly. We discussed some pressing 
changes that are required and he has agreed to implement these very soon.

two concurrent Challenges and control the start and end dates of both of 
them, independently.
We will be able to use our own topics not the list of books that we are 
currently limited to. Voting for topics may be kept but will be by the 
discretion of the Admins.
Additionally I asked if we could vote for the entries en masse rather 
than one at a time. (That limitation has always annoyed me.)

In addition he said that he would be willing to continue maintenance if 
we could have a base of about twelve regular entrants. By that I assume 
he would be willing to implement other changes such as uploading text or 
zip files to share scenes and or tweaking the site.
Incidentally he mentioned that members already have a public area where 
their work can be shown. (Sorry Thomas I forgot to mention that to you.) 
It just not been communicated.

This seems to cover most of the points/suggestions raised in our 
discussions here. With the exception of comments which is up to the 

I am particularly excited by having the chance to run two Challenges and 

So when this happens Thomas and I will do some testing and get things 
rolling. I expect that there will be a period of experimenting to get 
the site the way we want it. And of course we welcome feedback and comments.


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