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From: Markus Altendorff
Subject: New topic: "The Mother Hive"
Date: 3 Sep 2007 06:53:23
Message: <46dbe7a3@news.povray.org>

if you're subscribed to irtc.general for the announcements alone, you 
may have missed out on what's been going on at irtc.stills and 

The "replacement IRTC" over at tc-rtc.co.uk (a big thank you to Steve 
and Colin!) is running well (just a few kinks here and there, being 
worked out), so why not dust off your computer and do a little artwork?

The new topic for both animations (deadline: New Year's eve, yes, that's 
four months) and stills (deadline: September 30th, two months) is "The 
Mother Hive" (title of a book by R. "jungle book" Kipling). A 
contribution need not have any connection to the actual Kipling story.


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