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  Re: TC-RTC Challenges 1 & 2: Voting started and SPECIAL new Challenge(s)  
From: Normand Briere
Date: 1 Jan 2017 15:10:00
Message: <web.5869601ee40f2bc540ad59a40@news.povray.org>
> At http://www.tc-rtc.co.uk/index/index.html both the Challenges 1 and 2
> have been closed for upload:
> The Challenge 1 topic *Dome of Many-Coloured Glass, by Amy Lowell
> (1874-1925)*;
> The Challenge 2 topic *Light in Darkness / Darkness in Light*.
> You are now kindly invited to vote for the uploaded images. You can do
> this till the 31st of the current month. Please do not forget to vote
> for *all* the images if you want your votes to be valid! Remember: this
> is absolutely mandatory.
> --
> Thomas

Due to the discrepancy in the number of voters, we decided to create the
Challenge 1
banner according to the following order:

1. Art nouveau (lequenne)
2. Glass Dome (BaldEagle)
2. Meditation (etcetcetc)

The banner is available through the "Photos" tab of the "Dome of Many-Coloured
Glass" group
of the "Tina Chep" profile.

There is no button for automatic download, you have to click on the picture and
use "Save Image As..." of the browser context menu.

Make sure you don't download a coarse version. Normally the full version should
displayed in a slideshow screen mode on black background. You can save it from
because it is the only version which has the exact resolution of 996x195 pixels.

All other versions are coarser to make sure that the overall bandwidth is low.

NOTE: you can exit the full screen mode by clicking anywhere outside the black
background ("Esc" doesn't work).

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