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  Re: IRTC Server Problem  
From: TawnyOwl
Date: 20 Jan 2011 16:40:00
Message: <web.4d38ab4e2266bc34d3ff0f9e0@news.povray.org>
"Robert McGregor" <rob### [at] mcgregorfineartcom> wrote:
> Well, I see that there's a new message on the IRTC site today:
> "Unfortunately due to some software issues, the IRTC is unavailable.
> It is not likely that this will be fixed anytime soon. We will, however,
> endeavour to provide a means to access the content. In the meantime, the
> old (pre-2007) IRTC content is available"
> That doesn't sound good at all...  The voting was completed for the NOV/DEC 2010
> round (topic: Violence), but what were the results?
> I put in many long nights on my entry "Arena"
> [http://www.McGregorFineArt.com/competitions.asp#Arena], so just wondering...
> David? Anyone?
> Thanks,
> Rob
> -------------------------------------------------
> www.McGregorFineArt.com

The above mentioned message is not visible from all systems. I have tried with
three different systems to reach the IRTC-website and only my newest (1 week
working) had displayed this message. On the older systems I got only the
information that the IRTC is broken, down, DNs unavailable or something like
that. So I assume a ip4-ip6-conflict which can produce such results, as read
recently. Sorry for your effort on "Arena", but I hope they will prolong this
session. It's a great picture depicting the cruel aspects of the roman culture.
I hope I can depict some other aspects of this culture within some months. as a
beginner with POV it will take some time for my rural villa rustica I plan.

So long,
Old Owl

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