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  Re: I can't view the Punk'd! submission  
From: Robert McGregor
Date: 1 Nov 2009 16:00:01
Message: <web.4aedf6adf5d700e94726e92b0@news.povray.org>
=?UTF-8?B?IkrDqXLDtG1lIE0uIEJlcmdlciI=?= <jeberger@free.fr> wrote:
> I get an error message: "Error: This message needs a positive
> integer argument". I'm gessing that this is probably due to the
> quote in the file name.
>   Jerome
> PS: Nice images everyone!
> --
> mailto:jeb### [at] freefr
> http://jeberger.free.fr
> Jabber: jeb### [at] jabberfr

Yep, I was wondering about that too, I get a whole page of "Seaside" exception

Internal Error
Error: This message needs a positive integer argument
ByteString class(Object)>>error:
ByteString class(Behavior)>>handleFailedNew:size:
ByteString class(Behavior)>>basicNew:
ByteString class(ByteEncodedString class)>>new:
ByteString class(SequenceableCollection class)>>withSize:

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