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  Re: TC-RTC Challenges and Forum news  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 16 Dec 2016 03:28:09
Message: <5853a599$1@news.povray.org>
On 16-12-2016 8:09, Sherry K. Shaw wrote:
> Thomas de Groot wrote:
>> While the new forum may still have some minor beta testing to do, it is
>> fully functional and we kindly invite you all if you are so inclined to
>> visit the (temporary) link:
>> http://dev.noware.ca/index.php/en-us/forums/tc-rtc  and (maybe?) sign up
>> to the new forum.
> There seem to be a few difficulties.

Yes, I was afraid that would happen. I asked Normand to open up the site 
/only/ when he was sure everything was working correctly but he insisted 
on going live asap. Ah! youthful eagerness :-)


I am not involved with the forum any more but I shall bring your 
petition to the attention of Normand of course.

> Well, maybe it's just me, but at least I tried.

I guess that you are not alone in this.

> --Sherry Shaw
> * (1) The Cubs won the Series.  (2) A couple of days later, I was making
> breakfast and my egg was a double-yolker, the first I've seen in years
> and years.  (Didn't stop me from cooking it over-easy and having it with
> a slice of whole-wheat toast.  Yum!)  (3)  Heavy sigh.  You know.  But
> maybe the Electoral College will fix everything.  Yes, I signed the
> petition...so, if I mysteriously disappear, well, you'll know what
> happened...

The Last Days seem to have been extended, at least for the time being. 
We shall keep an eye on you, especially in a month's time.


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