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  Re: TC-RTC: A themed Challenge.  
From: Stephen
Date: 25 Apr 2016 12:43:00
Message: <571e4914$1@news.povray.org>
On 4/25/2016 4:15 PM, Sherry K. Shaw wrote:
> What if the first three rounds operated like the TV cooking competition
> "Chopped" (but without the element of a chef being sent home in each
> round).  At each round, the chefs are given identical boxes containing
> an utterly random set of ingredients (for example, blueberries, uni,
> nopales, and spam), each of which MUST be incorporated into their dish
> for that round.

That sounds like our Ready, Steady, Cook. Only it was not a knockout 
competition. But teams with one chef and one member of the audience. Who 
brought the ingredients.

> Rounds one, two, and three could each be a "box" containing three
> obligatory items ("Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!" or "Bell, Book,
> and Candle").  (There should, of course, be allowance for wordplay and
> hideous puns--the only good kind--so that "Tea and Biscuits with the
> Queen" could be interpreted as a T-square, dog biscuits, and a Queen
> album.)
> Round four would incorporate one specific random item from each of the
> three previous boxes, but with those items not chosen until AFTER the
> end of round three.  Using the previous examples, you'd know that the
> final round would include: (1) lions, tigers, OR bears; (2) bell, book,
> OR candle; and (3) tea, biscuits, OR a queen; but not which ones.
> Might be interesting.  ;)
> --Sherry Shaw

Hmm! I'm thinking Monty Hall, now. All of those boxes, little boxes. :-)

Oh! No! Pete Seeger has come to visit. ;-)

We will certainly consider your suggestion Sherry. Bearing in mind the 
the entries are mostly by men. Do you not think that the rules are a bit 
complex? :-)

Joking aside it is a good idea.



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