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  TC-RTC: A themed Challenge.  
From: Stephen
Date: 22 Apr 2016 07:51:45
Message: <571a1051$1@news.povray.org>
We were thinking about adding an extra dimension to the Challenges by 
putting a theme to a series of them. Culminating in a scene that should 
incorporate all or parts of the previous scenes.

There would be three short Challenges then a longer one to finish on. 
For example:
(1) Red; (2) Blue; (3) Yellow; (4) Rainbow.
(1) Statues; (2) Fountain; (3) Garden; (4) Stately Home/Big Ranch.

We would not mind comments and suggestions, especially on how to release 
the name of the topics. We could:

1.       Release the four topics at the start.
2.       Release the three short topics at the start and keep the last 
one until the end.
3.       Stagger the release of the three short topics…

You get the idea.


Stephen & Thomas, Administrators

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