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  Re: TC-RTC: Elements of Geology - short time-out  
From: Shay
Date: 31 Jul 2013 15:59:53
Message: <51f96cb9$1@news.povray.org>
What is the last day to upload images?

"Thomas de Groot"  wrote in message news:51bc1919$1@news.povray.org... 

The May/August Stills Challenge: Elements of Geology, remains active 
through the short time-out period June 15th to June 30th. This is due to 
the transitional phase of site rebuilding.

*Wait for uploading images till July 1st.*

*Please note that images already uploaded need unfortunately to be 
uploaded again.*

Do not vote for the images at this stage. It you do, your votes will be 
ignored. Proper voting for the Challenge must wait till August 17th.

At the drawing board!

Stephen & Thomas, TC-RTC Administrators

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