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  Re: TC-RTC PovRay 0, Other 3  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 23 Jul 2011 03:28:08
Message: <4e2a7808@news.povray.org>
On 22-7-2011 21:42, TawnyOwl wrote:
> Hi to the crowd,
> maybe I expressed myself a little bit badly or I misunderstand Stephen a bit,
> but in the end I agree to all the points stated here in the last days. If the
> financial crisis plays a significant role, I cannot judge. I really think, that
> in the high times of the irtc with more than 200 entries per round a lot of them
> was motivated by gaining points for jobs in the industry. But may be I'm wrong.
> The financial crisis may be an other reason. May be both reasons played a part.
> In the revitalized irtc in 2009 and 2010 there were only few contributors too,
> some 10 I remember. At the last abandoned competition of the irtc it was only 6
> I'm sure. To promote the TC-RTC here is a very good idea certainly. I'm not sure
> whether the TC-RTC-website needs much improvements or not. The one or other
> explanation about the topics or so would help certainly but I will not mangle
> myself with questions of style.

Yes, there seems to be a trend there. We shall never know the real 
reasons for that evolution I am afraid. Best we can do is to try to keep 
the TC-RTC as visible - and interesting - as possible.

> I really think that you should not surrender with the TC-RTC and looking at my
> WIP at this very moment I think you gain a new contributor this round, maybe
> with a very headstrong interpretation of the topic.

Michael, that is good news. Thank you for joining our little community.


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