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  Re: TC-RTC PovRay 0, Other 3  
From: Stephen
Date: 17 Jul 2011 20:55:49
Message: <4e238495$1@news.povray.org>
I agree with Thomas's comments and thanks for the good ideas.

On 17/07/2011 7:56 AM, Thomas de Groot wrote:
>> Furthermore, the jumble of items on the main TC-RTC page
>> ("Home") could be cleaned up a bit so as to not put off
>> passers-by (no offence intended). I'm not a web designer
>> but feel free to contact me for some suggestions ;)
> Oh yes. I totally agree. Some time ago, Colin (the webmaster) asked
> Stephen and me about ways to improve the site. I sent him a list of
> suggestions, especially about the homepage which is certainly a jumble.
> Nothing has been done yet, but I shall ask him about it. Thanks for
> reminding us.

Yes Colin did say that and any ideas will be welcome. I for one am 
bereft of them.

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