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  Re: TC-RTC PovRay 0, Other 3  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 17 Jul 2011 02:56:27
Message: <4e22879b$1@news.povray.org>
On 16-7-2011 21:10, Christian Froeschlin wrote:
> Stephen wrote:
>> I'm just wondering if it is worth keeping it going.
> I think it is, and I have now finally registered even
> though I will likely not enter this round. Thank you for
> your efforts in keeping this up.

Thank you :-)

>> if you have any ideas please let us know.
> The marketing could be improved ... for those that
> haven't yet been actively involved with TC-RTC its easy
> to forget its even there. I would suggest posting each
> new topic announcement here (including a direct link
> to the images from the current round, that should then
> be in voting phase if I understand the timing).

Yes, you are right. We wrongly assume - or so do I - that this community 
knows about the TC-RTC. Of course this is not true and you are right to 
point that out. I have taken the habit of sending out a newsletter to 
members when voting and a new topic is announced. I shall do that here 
too in the future.

> This will help attract people in two ways:
> 1. If someone reacts positively to the topic he may join


> 2. Most people reading this group will be interested to
> have at least a quick look at the final renders of a
> 3d render challenge and will visit, possibly vote.


> Even though the name of this newsgroup is irtc I think
> such posts would not be off-topic since you are basically
> the only working IRTC analogue at the moment.

Yes, I think that would be ok. There is no direct need to start a 
separate newsgroup as far as I can see.

> Of course, the tone of the post should be neutrally
> informative, not complaining or accusing.

<grin> or offensive ("hey you dudes! Move your fat @$$!")  ;-)

> Furthermore, the jumble of items on the main TC-RTC page
> ("Home") could be cleaned up a bit so as to not put off
> passers-by (no offence intended). I'm not a web designer
> but feel free to contact me for some suggestions ;)

Oh yes. I totally agree. Some time ago, Colin (the webmaster) asked 
Stephen and me about ways to improve the site. I sent him a list of 
suggestions, especially about the homepage which is certainly a jumble. 
Nothing has been done yet, but I shall ask him about it. Thanks for 
reminding us.


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