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  Re: TC-RTC PovRay 0, Other 3  
From: Christian Froeschlin
Date: 16 Jul 2011 15:11:00
Message: <4e21e244@news.povray.org>
Stephen wrote:

> I'm just wondering if it is worth keeping it going.

I think it is, and I have now finally registered even
though I will likely not enter this round. Thank you for
your efforts in keeping this up.

> if you have any ideas please let us know.

The marketing could be improved ... for those that
haven't yet been actively involved with TC-RTC its easy
to forget its even there. I would suggest posting each
new topic announcement here (including a direct link
to the images from the current round, that should then
be in voting phase if I understand the timing).

This will help attract people in two ways:

1. If someone reacts positively to the topic he may join
2. Most people reading this group will be interested to
    have at least a quick look at the final renders of a
    3d render challenge and will visit, possibly vote.

Even though the name of this newsgroup is irtc I think
such posts would not be off-topic since you are basically
the only working IRTC analogue at the moment.

Of course, the tone of the post should be neutrally
informative, not complaining or accusing.

Furthermore, the jumble of items on the main TC-RTC page
("Home") could be cleaned up a bit so as to not put off
passers-by (no offence intended). I'm not a web designer
but feel free to contact me for some suggestions ;)

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