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From: Fabien
Date: 5 Mar 2011 13:51:31
Message: <4d728633$1@news.povray.org>

> I understand your frustration.  Here's my perspective:

Thank you so much for these insights.

My message was intentionally rude, and I sincerely apologise
if I hurted you. I understand well that finding time to do such
work is hard, that's also why I've been quiet these years.

Edouard, in a reply to me, said that maybe he could do something
for the existing software. Let's try.

As a backup hypothesis, I volunteer to build a new site, with
the help of other volunteers. Here's the plan :
- right now (or ASAP), display a page announcing that something
is being done, and launch a new round, ending May 31 (that's
almost 3 months, might help get more competitors),
topic is "How will I explain this to Dad ?".
- before the end of March, set up the ability to browse old rounds
- before the end of April, set up the ability to submit an entry
   (so sumbissions can start 1 month before deadline)
- before the end of May, set up a voting system, test-driven by voting
   for the last round that hasn't been voted
- once all is okay, vote for the new round

All this using plain MySQL-PHP structure (no framework). This requires
working knowledge of MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS. But someone just familiar
with HTML and CSS could provide great help.

If 3 people are joining, that's perfectly doable, IMO.

Anyone wanting to jump in ?


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