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  Password reset failure (free.fr), new account ok  
From: Le Forgeron
Date: 27 Jul 2010 12:13:38
Message: <4c4f05b2$1@news.povray.org>

As I failed miserably to get the password-reset email (blocked as spam
by free.fr {*}), I tried to create a new account instead (which won't
make my contributions easier to retrieve now: from 3 accounts, it goes
now to 4). To my best surprise, it worked, I did get the email for
account creation (using an alternative email).

So, I wanted to let everyone know (especially the french people and the
webmasters), should they encounter such issue, all hopes is not lost to
contribute to the IRTC.

See you soon in the round(s).

{*}: http://postmaster.free.fr/ seems to explains that for such issue:
550 spam detected


You receive this refusal message when one mail was detected as a spam by
our antispam filter and the delivery was rejected. The non delivery
report has been sent by the SMTP server you have used or, if you did not
send this mail, by the SMTP server who have relayed a mail spoofing your


If you did send the mail, you should at first check your mail to make
sure it should not be missdetected as a spam, either by using an
antispam softwate or by checking if the mail is syntaxically correct and
if you do not use any mecanism that are known to be used by spammers.
Failing that, you may send an email to nos### [at] proxadnet (be careful :
as this sample needs to be as identical as possible to the rejected
mail, you have to use whenever it is possible the same mailing tools
with a similar content if it can not be identical) and then warn
pos### [at] proxadnet (please include the sender and the subject of the


As obviously I do not have the original (bounced) email, I cannot do it
myself. (and end-users have no control at all on that spam-filtering: we
can have more, but we cannot disengage that one)

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