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  Re: Web interface flaws  
From: David Buck
Date: 28 May 2009 18:59:00
Message: <4a1f1734$1@news.povray.org>
Thanks for the feedback - these are all very good points.

clipka wrote:
> * From my own submitted shot, I can browse the other sumbissons to the current
> round with "next" and "prev"; I guess this is not intended.

This is definitely not intended.  I'll fix that.

> * I miss the possibility to edit my submission, e.g. to upload an updated shot,
> fix typos in the description, add the scene file later, etc.

I should be able to allow you to update your submission before the 
closing date of the contest.

> * The page seems to keep logging me out "now and then"; one such occasion was
> when I first tried to submit my shot (filled in all the form, then clicked
> "submit", and there I was back at the home screen, and not logged in anymore);
> maybe this was due to my shot having been about 1 MByte in size (what's the
> limit, btw?); second time I tried with a 500 kByte version and it worked.

This is likely a session time-out issue.  I can increase the session 
timeout values.  That should help.

> * The "Absence" round is nowhere to be found in the archive.

I'll add the latest awarded round to the past rounds list.  It makes 
sense for it to be there.

> * I'd really love to see the "standard raytracing competition copyright" soon;
> until then, I reserve the right to revoke my submission.

Good point.  In fact, the submission page should have a link to the 
copyright page that opens in a new browser so you can review it before 
you hit the submit button.

> * As you're using an automatically wrapping input field for image description
> and such, it should be auto-wrapping in the output as well.

Noted.  I'll make sure the output wraps.

> * How can I change my display name (or change my password, or ...)?

Access to your account settings isn't easily available right now.  This 
is an oversight and will be corrected soon.

Thanks again to everyone for your feedback. I'll do my best to improve 
the site before the first official contest starts.

David Buck

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