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  Re: No more IRTC?  
From: St 
Date: 4 Feb 2008 12:19:46
Message: <47a74932@news.povray.org>
"Mike the Elder" <nomail@nomail> wrote in message 
> "B. Gimeno" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
>> Jan Dvorak <jan### [at] centrumcz> wrote:
>> > jhu napsal(a):
>> > > It's been over a year now. Is something else taking its place?
>> > >
>> > >
>> > tc-rtc.co.uk
>> > see a few threads upward
>> I lament it, but this substitute is not able to replace the spirit of the
>> original aid. It's an opiniation, the proposed subjects are not as "open" 
>> as
>> long ago because usually they are based on unknown works that stops most 
>> of the
>> non-english-speakers users of POV-Ray. Resignation.
>> B. Gimeno
> I have a good deal of sympathy with you comment.  When I first heard about 
> the
> system that was to be used to select topics, I had rather high hopes for 
> it.
> It turns out that, even as a naive English speaker, I have found the 
> topics
> that have been selected rather uninspiring and restrictive.  (To be fair,
> however, I should point out that the organizers have stipulated that one 
> does
> not have to be in any way familiar with the CONTENT of the selected work; 
> the
> submission need only be inspired by the title and even that can be 
> interpreted
> very broadly.)
> The only PERSON I feel compelled to criticize with regard to current state 
> of
> ray tracing competition is myself.  I believe that I could have and should 
> have
> done a better job of finishing and submitting entries to help build up the
> "TC-RTC".  Despite the fact that I have no moral high ground to speak from 
> in
> this regard, I would still like to encourage others to join me in trying 
> to do
> more to support the competition so that it CAN become all we would like it 
> to
> be.
> This being said, I would like to offer a friendly suggestion to the TC-RTC
> organizers to consider modifications to the topic selection process in
> recognition of the fact that participation levels have not been as high as 
> were
> hoped for.  I would also like to thank these same organizers for their 
> hard work
> and perseverance through challenging times.

      Thanks for your observations Mike. I've been thinking about the topic 
system, (which *I* think is brilliant), and I'll propose this:

       o- There will be a choice of  five topics per two monthy stills round 
using the same system.

       o- Each entrant may pick a minimum of one topic to enter.

       o- One entrant may enter up to five topics if they so desire.

       Doing it this way, the chances are that there will be something for 
everyone to do. (After all, the voting is based on an interpretation of said 
topic(s), so whichever topic an entrant enters, if their image is the 'best' 
out of all five topics, that image is going to be in the 'first' slot).

      It's the only thing I can think of at the moment so as to spread a 
little variation, but I'm open to any suggestions other than this.



> Best Regards,
> Mike C.

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