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  Last ("black robe") round: a follow-up  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 16 Sep 2007 05:22:53
Message: <46ecf5ed@news.povray.org>
Hi, me again,

(cue: groaning from the audience) ;)

another question: from the descriptions and message exchange 
over the last weeks, it seems the timeframes and intervals 
for voting, uploading etc. are pretty much hard-coded into 
the scripts driving the tc-rtc.co.uk. So are we going to 
have a chance at "re-commenting/re-voting" on "Black Robe" 
on the webpage at all, or is this simply not practical 
because the scripts don't support time-shifting, and should 
we talk about our opinions on the videos here on 
irtc.animations instead and label "Black Robe" as 
"Beta-testing" instead?

(in that case, could "someone" punch in 1/1/1 for my entry 
so that i at least show up on the "ranking" page? "0/0/0" 
seems to fall off the ledge somehow :)

Another idea: if, on Sept. 18th there is a "fake" stop time 
entry of Sept. 17th retro-created for "Black Robe", would 
this mean that voting/commenting would work again up to 
Sept. 31st? Or would this mess up the whole 
upload/topic/etc. system?


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