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  Re: IRTC statictics site  
From: JC (Exether)
Date: 23 Feb 2004 02:00:39
Message: <4039a517$1@news.povray.org>
Tek wrote:
> Well, would it be possible to make it generate the pages on demand from some
> sort of database query? So we could tell it to list all results that match
> certain criteria?

Well, I'm just training my Java skills for now, it would be possible to 
do what you say, but for now I'm more concentrating on generating static 
pages with as much information as possible. I hope it will suffice to 
satistify most people's curiosity. But depending on how things go I'll 
take all ideas into account.

For now it will provide:
- for each round the ranks by all four marks
- for each author a summary of his images with ranking
- for each year a ranking of authors based on the six rounds of the year
- ranking of authors based on all their entries

For each round I count points as follows :
20 points for first
16 for the second
12 for the third
11 for fourth
etc ..
1 for 14th

If you have ideas about things that might be missing, let me know,


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