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  Re: IRTC statictics site  
From: JC (Exether)
Date: 22 Feb 2004 23:53:35
Message: <4039874f@news.povray.org>
Yes, there is individual pages. The problem is that some people used up 
to 5 different names. I'm currently working on something to gather synonyms.

I also want to do some kind of yearly contest like a formula 1 
championship. I hope to have something finished pretty soon, but I'd 
like to get in touch with the IRTC guys, I want to avoid any 'copyright' 
problems. But they seem to be busy guys, and difficult to reach. :-)


Tek wrote:
> Woah that will be really cool!
> Would it possible to have pages for individual artists? At the moment my website
> has a list of all my irtc entries, but this was put together by hand, so it
> would help me a lot if I could just link to automatically generated statistics
> of my work! :)

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